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John Deere X9 1100 Combine Harvester

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  • 100 t/h massive Throughput with 13.70 m Super-wide cut header
  • 1,720 mm channel width and 4.00 m² effective Threshing Area
  • Effective Rotor Separation area: 22.50 m²
  • Total cleaning shoe area: 7.00 m²
  • 13.6 l Engine, 515 kW/700 hp max Power
  • With a John Deere X9 Combine, you can simply harvest more acres in less time and with less grain loss. In fact, as you can calculate from the PAMI testing results, the X9 Combine can save you 6.3 total harvest days when compared to the CLAAS 8800 in a two-machine harvest scenario. This is essentially a week of time saved in the field with your combines. A lot can happen in one week, including rain storms that reduce your wheat’s test weight or snow storms that can prolong your harvest and make for very difficult harvesting conditions in the future. An X9 combine helps you manage this risk by enabling a faster and cost-saving wheat harvest, so you can get into other crops such as canola and pulses much earlier.In addition to getting your crop out of the field faster, an X9 Combine also directly saves you money by requiring less time to do the same amount of work. The X9 can save you $0.66 per acre in operator time and $5.53 per acre in depreciation savings, for a total savings of up to $6.19 per acre when running at 1 percent loss.


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