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MEWP Cherry Picker

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The acronym MEWP simply refers to a Mobile Elevated Work Platform, which is an aerial solution for working at height. Cherry Pickers are a type of aerial equipment often truck-mounted, consisting of a work platform attached to the end of an extensible boom. They allow access to hard-to-reach areas inaccessible with larger machinery and enable operators to occupy tight spaces when working at height.

Uses of a MEWP Cherry Picker:

This elevated work platform has many uses in a variety of different industries, including its obvious uses in construction. Its role in this industry includes maintaining and servicing elevated equipment such as telephone and electricity poles. Cherry pickers are also used predominantly in this industry to flexibly and safely work at height. However, they also have some more surprising uses, such as in the film industry, to capture large events.

Cherry pickers are used to achieve impressive panoramic views for a bird’s eye view and hard-to-reach camera angles. MEWP Cherry Pickers are also used within the Fire and Emergency services to enable emergency service workers to safely and quickly reach someone in a dangerous situation. Their versatility within a range of industries often makes them the first choice for those looking for an effective solution for working at height.

Benefits of using a Cherry Picker:

  • Time & Cost Efficiency – This machine eliminates the time and costs associated with setting up ladders and scaffolding.
  • Mobile – They are flexible and adaptable to your working environment, allowing your operations to run efficiently.
  • Safe Way to Work at Height – Unlike scissor lifts, cherry pickers have protective caging around the aerial work platform to ensure the safety and security of the operator.


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