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Social English to Express Opinion Agreement Disagreement

Social English is the way we communicate our opinions and thoughts to others. When it comes to expressing agreement or disagreement, it`s important to use language that is respectful and clear. Here are some phrases you can use in social English to express your opinion agreement and disagreement:


1. “I totally agree with you!”

2. “I see your point, and I agree.”

3. “You`re absolutely right!”

4. “I couldn`t agree more.”

5. “That`s a good point, and I agree.”


1. “I see where you`re coming from, but I have a different opinion.”

2. “I respect your opinion, but I disagree.”

3. “I`m not sure I agree with you on that.”

4. “I agree with some of what you`re saying, but not all of it.”

5. “I`m afraid I have to disagree with you on this one.”

Remember that when you express disagreement, it`s important to acknowledge the other person`s perspective and remain respectful. It`s also important to explain why you have a different opinion and provide evidence or reasoning to support your viewpoint.

In addition to these phrases, it`s important to use appropriate intonation and body language when expressing agreement or disagreement. Smiling and nodding can show agreement, while a furrowed brow or crossed arms can indicate disagreement.

Using social English to express your opinion can be challenging, but with the right phrases and approach, it can also be effective in communicating your thoughts and ideas in a respectful and clear manner.