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Wood pellets

Our Satisfied Clients
Our Satisfied Clients

Important to Know

What are wood pellets?

Wood pellets are biofuels made from compressed wood fibre.

In British Columbia (BC), wood pellets are made primarily from the residuals left over from the sawmilling process when logs are converted into lumber and other high-value wood products. Increasingly, harvesting residuals in the forest and low-quality logs once left as waste are also a source of raw material for wood pellets. By making wood pellets from fibre that was once burned or left behind, the wood pellet sector is reducing waste and turning that debris into valuable, low carbon biofuel.

How are wood pellets made?:

To create wood pellets, producers remove moisture from incoming wood fibre, grind the fibre into dust, and compress the dust into small cylinders—pellets—typically with a 6 or 8 mm diameter, and a length of up to 40 mm. Heat is applied in this process which causes lignin—a natural polymer found in wood—to act as a glue to hold the compressed particles together. The result is a dry, highly compressed and high energy-value product that can be easily handled and transported efficiently over very long distances.

  • Charcoal

    • No chemicals used in the manufacturing of any of our charcoal
    • Premium and Standard grades
    • Able to cater for different cooking conditions
    • Flexible packaging options
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  • Firewood

    • Birch firewood in 40 l bags
    • Birch without bark in 40 l bags
    • Hornbeam firewood in 40 l bags
    • Oak firewood in 40 l bags
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  • RUF Briquettes

    Ruf Briquettes

    RUF Briquettes
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  • Wood Briquette

    • Our fuel logs/wood briquettes are made from 100% natural virgin wood and are packed into approximately 10kg bags, each bag is made up of 5 fuel logs. When burning, our fuel logs do not spark or spit and produce a lovely steady flame with a huge heat output. This is due to them boasting a moisture content of less than 12%!
    • This is a great fuel for stoves, open fires and pizza ovens
    • Each fuel log can be broken into smaller pieces to make it suitable for all sizes of appliances.
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  • Wood Pellets

    • Wood pellet could be used as material for fuel in industrial boiler system, hydro power station and household… Besides, wood pellet is also used to replace for natural gas, coal, oil and fossil fuels..
    • We supply base in accordance with client-specific requirements and successfully establish great relationships with them. Client satisfaction has been the aim of concern. Example;
    • Premium Wood Pellets
    •  Pine Wood Pellets
    • Spruce Wood Pellets
    •  Beech Wood Pellets
    • Sawdust Wood Pellets
    • Oak Wood Pellets
    • Birch Wood Pellets
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